Announcing the Donald A. Stanley Composition Commission Consortium!  This is possibly the first Composition Commission Consortium of it’s kind as FOUR pieces will be written as part of the same project!  Mr. Stanley built his reputation in many ways - including his steadfast commitment to all aspects of the tuba and euphonium, as a wind ensemble conductor, as a teacher, and as a role model.  He challenged the members of his wind ensemble to bring themselves up to the level of the music, not bring the level of the music down to them.  It was important to him for new works to be written for the tuba and euphonium.  He taught his students to purchase music instead of photocopying it so that composers could make a living and would continue to write for our instruments.  He stressed the importance of chamber music by organizing his students into tuba/euphonium quartets.  With all of these things in mind, four new works will be written by composer Sanae Kanda.  (  A wind ensemble piece (5-8 minutes); a tuba and piano piece (3-5 minutes); a euphonium and piano piece (3-5 minutes); and a piece for tuba/euphonium quartet (3-5 minutes).  All of these pieces will be written at the level of the standard repertoire, playable by advanced high school, college and professional ensembles.

Each contribution is made to fund the writing of all four pieces, therefore, contributors will be listed on ALL FOUR pieces, to be published by Lami Musicworks.  Contribution levels will be $50.00 and $100.00+.  

(Discounted rate due to relation to project.)

As a THANK YOU from Sanae for your contribution:

$50.00 contributors will receive:  A digital download of Sanae Kanda’s album “Purple Night” (to which Mr. Stanley was a contributor) and a choice of either the tuba and piano piece OR the euphonium and piano piece in PDF format.

$100.00+ contributors will receive:  A digital download of Sanae Kanda’s album “Purple Night” (to which Mr. Stanley was a contributor); a PDF of the tuba and piano piece; a PDF of the euphonium and piano piece; and a PDF of the tuba/euphonium quartet.

Not a tuba or euphonium player?  Use the pieces with students or give them to a tuba and/or euphonium player you know!  The most important thing is that people see that these pieces were written to honor Donald A. Stanley.

Contributions can be made by check, money order, or PayPal.

Checks or money orders should be made payable to:  "Lami Musicworks" and sent to...

Lami Musicworks
Sanae Kanda
25 Herrick St
Beverly, MA 01915

PayPal payments should be sent to the email address:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If for any reason this project does not proceed ALL funds contributed will be returned to the contributors.

Until the minimum goal is reached!

When mailing a contribution, please drop Sanae Kanda an email directly, also, to let her know that it's on the way!  Thank you!